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Building a Glued Lapstrake Caledonia Yawl

Page 9: Centerboard Trunk and Floors

Interior progress
Interior progress

We’ve been working on a few different things lately:

We’ve made the breasthook, the part at the bow that ties the port and stbd gunwales together. It is an important structural member. It is made from two pieces for optimal grain orientation.

The centerboard trunk is partially assembled. It has one coat of epoxy, and it will get one more before the two halves are glued together.

The cleats that support the thwarts and mast partners are being fitted.

Fitting the floors
Fitting the floors

The floors (cross-members that are on the bottom planking) are also being fitted. The floors support the floorboards, brace the centerboard trunk, and stiffen the bottom of the boat.

Today I put the second (final) coat of epoxy on the inside of the centerboard trunk, fitted the rest of the thwart and mast partner cleats, and milled and fitted the thwarts.

Everybody who walks in the shop says the same thing "That's a big boat!"

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