Grapeview Point Boat Works

Spoon Blade Sitka Spruce Oars

Spoon Blade Sitka Spruce Oars

We make oars in any length from 6-1/2 ft (78 in) to 10 ft (120 in). Our oars are made from spar grade vertical grain Sitka Spruce. The blades are both spooned and dished. Go to our Oars page for much more information.

Oar Pricing (per pair)

Standard Lengths
6 Ft$525
6-1/2 Ft$525
7 Ft$525
7-1/2 Ft$525
8 Ft$525
8-1/2 Ft$575
9 Ft$575
9-1/2 Ft$625
10 Ft$675
10-1/2 Ft$725

Custom lengths are available by special order - please allow 4-6 weeks. Contact us for a quote

All oars come with:
  • 6 coats of spar varnish
  • Tip protection
  • Sewn leathers
  • Internal counterweights
  • Buttons (no charge)
  • Oval (Elliptical) Oarlocks (additional charge of $48.95 per pair)
  • Oarlock Sockets (additional charge of $29.95 per pair)

To Order

Since our oars are custom made to order, please call us at (360) 277-9015 or send us an email at boat_works

We welcome visitors to our shop, so if you are near Western Washington, you can plan to pick up the oars. If we are going to ship the oars, we send them in a wooden crate so that we can ensure they arrive safely. At the time of your order, we will obtain a shipping quote for you. For oars up to 7ft 10in, this is about $70. For longer oars, the shipping cost increases significantly depending on the destination. We charge the actual shipping costs plus $30 for the crate.